Céline Clément

B.Sc. (Physiotherapy)
CAFCI (Certified with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute)

Originally from the Hawkesbury area, Céline obtained her bachelor’s  of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 1997. She has worked in Massena, Winchester and in the Cornwall area. Her post-graduate courses have emphasized on manual therapy, acupuncture, muscle imbalance dysfunctions and chronic pain management and, more recently, several TMJ courses

Céline is proud to be associated with a clinic who prioritizes the quality of patient care while treating patients in a relaxed atmosphere. When dealing with people who are in pain and their lives sometimes disrupted, laughter can be the best remedy. She also likes the constant learning which occurs when working with colleagues from different backgrounds. Having many services under the same roof is highly beneficial both as a therapist and for the clients.

Céline is a mother of three and is involved with her children’s school and keeps busy playing soccer and coaching soccer with her kids. She also enjoys downhill skiing and kayaking. She believes that having an active lifestyle is the secret to staying healthy, along with not taking life too seriously.